Ravensbury Garages consultation event today 11-3pm

Despite Merton Council saying that they will not consider giving the Ravensbury Garages site away till 2017, Circle Housing seem to be intent on gaining planning permission this year. With the Ravensbury draft local plan (January 2016) not even describing this area, it looks like Merton Council and Circle Housing regen team have been looking for a way to begin development literally by the back door of Ravensbury.

Ravensbury Garages site in Mitcham
Ravensbury Garages site in Mitcham

It is important for local residents to be very aware of this pursuit of planning: the site itself is actually higher than the surrounding houses and the development includes 4 storey flats, with houses that are of a very similar height according to the images supplied. This will not only cause a great deal of intrusion for those living around the site, but will also severely impact views to and from Ravensbury Park itself.

Much of Ravensbury is in Flood Zone 3a, the highest possible for housing, so this very much needs to be taken into account.

Merton Council have described how the character of Ravensbury depends on the visual scenery of trees being visible from all corners of Ravensbury. This development has a height that is intrusive in this regard:

Ravensbury Garages proposal from Circle Housing leaflet January 2016
Ravensbury Garages proposal from Circle Housing leaflet January 2016

Circle are holding a consultation event today (Saturday 23rd January 2016) at the Ravensbury Meeting Hall between 11am and 3pm. They intend to demonstrate where they intend to build new homes and the designs for those homes.

Let’s hope that the intimidatory behaviour seen up until now is less evident.


3 thoughts on “Ravensbury Garages consultation event today 11-3pm”

  1. The width of the road to the Garages does not support access.
    Grateful if someone could ask the following:-

    1- Given that the plan state retaining the footprint of the houses at the southern end of Ravensbury Grove, could you clarify what is the proposed width of highway, footway and carriageway for this strip of Ravensbury Grove ?

    2 – How many extra residents do these 14 extra homes accommodate ?

    3 – What traffic models, surveys and any other work has been undertaken with regard to the extra traffic generated by the 14 extra houses, particularly given any restraints on highway and footway widths ?

    4 – What you comply with highway design standards (highway, footway and carriageway widths) or use them as only ass guidance ?

  2. Make no mistake, this is total regen via the back door of Ravensbury and Merton Council are more than happy to assist. It’s as if Circle are their preferred contractor for regen throughout the borough:

    1. They propose 21 new homes – 14 No. four storey flats (one small part is three storey), 4 No. three storey houses (same height as the flats), 3 No. 2 storey houses, 21 car spaces. All the grassed area is to be removed, and the flats placed either side of a square of paving. The flats literally loom over the existing houses.

    2. 87 people in total according to Circle (maybe that’s 36 adults, rest children, but not explicitly so) : Mews houses are for 5 people, three storey houses are for 7 people, 8 No. flats seem to be for four people each and 6 No. flats for 2 people. Residents were saying that 21 car parking spaces for over 36 adults seems very under requirements.

    3. None from the sound of it. CHMP and their architects are pushing to get this end of Ravensbury Grove to be no parking – with any cars placed in gardens instead. For this to work, we think they’ll push for the rest of Ravensbury to have parking control. CHMP would probably be happy to satisfy planning with limited parking within the garages development, and then to push parking controls onto the rest of Ravensbury in a couple of years time.

    It’s as if residents don’t exist. It’s as if everyone is beholden to the CHMP landowner whilst Merton Council does whatever it takes to assist them.

    1. It’s as if Circle are their preferred contractor for regen throughout the borough:

      They are – see transfer documents from Merton Council to the HA originally.

      Are those Mews Houses actually liveable in? Considering designed by different architects that picture seems the same as the one for High Path Private Garages Site.

      On the face of it the design, and car ownership seems in allowance with present date guidance, but unless you go for a conservation area of the viliage feel of much of Ravensbury the external design is out of keeping with the best bits of the ‘estate’ – choice of external brickwork and so on. Are these affordable (DC definition – to buy?, Starter Homes or Proper Local Supplied housing at an affordable rent for the people that live in overcrowded,damp and poor condition properties on Ravensbury?

      Planningwise, unless conditions can be imposed re for whom the new properties are actually for – flood risk and park views aside – there is probably not much that could be done to prevent any developer coming forward with a housing scheme for the site – question is have CHMP got it right, and given their still inability to properly maintain their existing housing stock are they fit persons to actually build the places anyway?

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