Draft Local Plan meeting right now

Hi Everyone,

The draft local plan meeting is on right now, so please come along if you’re able!

Ravensbury RA

Ravensbury Residents Association RRA


Ravensbury RA meeting tonight at 7pm

Don’t forget our RA meeting tonight in the Ravensbury meeting hall. We’ll be running through the draft local plan that Merton Council has drawn up.
A help sheet will be available on the website later too.
Ravensbury RA.

Ravensbury Residents Association RRA

Ravensbury RA Meeting @7pm Tonight: draft Local Plan workshop!

At tonight’s Ravensbury RA meeting we’ll run through the draft Local Plan that Merton Council have sent through everyone’s doors. Councillors David Dean (Con) and Stephen Alambritis (Lab) have said that they will attend.

There are many areas in this draft that require your attention, otherwise the future for Ravensbury could be decided by a poor set of principles being given the green light through a difficult-to-read booklet and little thought for those who actually live in the area.

If you read through the big booklet that was sent to residents, you’ll see that Merton has come up with ideas such as reversing the layout of the ground floor homes in Ravensbury Court. Merton also  managed to “forget” to include the garages area in the guidance for building heights (pages 166 & 167), which is coincidentally the area that Circle Housing Merton Priory seem to be planning to use for Regen by The Back Door; thus showing complete disregard for proper resident consultation.

Doors open at 645pm, meeting begins at approximately 7pm: Ravensbury Meeting Hall on Ravensbury Grove.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Draft Local Plan consultation

We hope those of our residents who are either brain surgeons or rocket scientists have managed to understand the Merton Council consultation document: It’s been dumbed down to such an extent that it’s practically unintelligible.

If resident groups had been given a proper opportunity to see the documents before they went to press, residents would have been properly empowered by this consultation rather than have their opinions and arguments potentially weakened by it.

Ravensbury Residents Association will have their work cut out merely reinterpreting this document (and even the consultation process) for the benefit of both local residents and those in Merton as a whole.

Regen in Merton might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to both ruin an excellent environment and relegate long term residents through somewhat oppressive consultation techniques.


Ravensbury Residents Association RRA