Latest Merton Council plan wants to reverse Ravensbury Court!

Latest news this week, after we reviewed Merton Council’s draft local plan (a guideline planning document), is that hidden in the small print of this extensive document is a suggestion to reverse the flats in Ravensbury Court.

This idea drawn up by the anonymous council officers basically means that they have ideas that have no basis in consultation with actual residents. It also indicates that these officers do not understand the design ethos of the flats: Ravensbury Court is essentially a post war mews that employs a private courtyard design that gives ultra residents a sense of community, privacy and safety.

Some residents have said that a patio door into to grassed area would be nice, but it seems the council officers have gone wild with their ideas, lacking proper understanding of both the community feeling and the benefits of this design.

Please remember to respond to this consultation and not ignore your opportunity to guide the future of Ravensbury: let’s have a better future, not a worse one!

Ravensbury Residents Association RRA


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