2016 (?) Leaf monies update

We have received an email from Circle regarding the spending of our LEAF monies.

See below for the full text:
Please find below an update on the LEAF for Ravensbury Estate.

·         We are now in receipt of the quotations for the capital works to the memorial garden, but await clarification on how this may affect the existing service charges.

·         We are in receipt of the quotations for the Residents parking signs.

·         Polka Theatre. Following discussion with the Polka Theatre we propose theatre trips are offered in groups of 20. Children will need a parental escort in attendance and only residents living on the estate can attend.

Group transport will be arranged for the trip via Merton Community Transport.  Each Polka trip will provide 20 tickets for a pre-selected show which caters for either over 7yrs or between 3yrs- 6yrs.

Tickets will be managed by CHMP and will be allocated in order of the receipt of allocation. All residents will have the opportunity to apply, but only residents living on the estate will be eligible, this isn’t a friends and family activity.

·         Deen City farm: Pony rides are available at a of cost £2 per child.  We are awaiting a call from the farm to discuss a weekend event to be offered to residents of Ravensbury. We hope this would allow us to book a specific  time for the children to attend on an allocated day so that all the attendees will be from the estate and no other members of public will be taking part at the same time.

Awaiting quotations  from contractors

·         Provision  of shrubs on Morden slip road and improvement to Rose beds at Ravensbury Court.

Further information needed for Ravensbury RA.

·         Whilst CHMP can fund a Christmas or summer community event  via LEAF, we would not facilitate it. Is it the intention of the RA to undertake this or do you require additional support from another organisation such as Merton Voluntary Services Council. Partnership working is the choice of the RA, however it does mitigate the issues of event insurance and facilitators needing a DBS check which CHMP don’t currently provide to residents.  It can also provide a larger multi-agency event which has a greater impact for residents and offers more opportunities. However it’s the RA’s choice.

Once all costing are available we will consult with all residents on the estate. There will be a two week response period and if less than 20% of residents respond we will supplement the consultation with door knocking.  Once this is completed the decision will be  that of the majority of responses.

Ravensbury Residents Association RRA


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