Ravensbury News

This week residents received a letter notifying Circle’s push for planning on the garages site AHEAD of the end of the council’s own consultation (expected in 2017).

Does this represent fair process or is it effectively an abuse of process? Does it represent due consideration of residents and their area by a fair minded housing association or is it effectively a wilful push for redevelopment & an attempt to subvert fair & proper procedure?

You decide.

Ravensbury Garages proposals - proposed buildings shown in pink
Ravensbury Garages proposals - proposed buildings shown in pink
Ravensbury Garages site in Mitcham
Ravensbury Redevelopment Proposals

Ravensbury Residents Association RRA


2 thoughts on “Ravensbury News”

  1. The garage site is a separate planning issue and not part of the wider regeneration. I understand that they want to develop this site whether they get regeneration approval or not.


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  2. Nothing those people do are fair. They have no dignity for the way residents health is deteriorating. They have no respect for residents sentimental value of their homes and the treasured memories. Family members have died in these houses which is where sentimental value comes into it. We have spent a lot of money on repairs and building work because mph refuse to do repairs or take so long and lying for the reasons why the repairs haven’t been done. There is nothing wrong with the structure so we have a leg to stand on we have every reason to fight for what is rightly ours

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