Freedom of Information request to Merton Council

We sent a FOI request to Merton Council about empty housing association homes.

Here is the response received today:

We have now considered your information request as set out below. 

You asked:
We understand that there is currently a number of empty homes on Ravensbury that have remained empty due to inconclusive discussions between Circle Merton Priory Homes and Merton Council’s allocation team.

Therefore would it be possible to know how many homes currently remain empty (ie uninhabited) on Merton Council’s allocation team records for over one month, over two months and in excess of three months?

Would it also be possible to attribute the reason why they have remained empty? Statistical results would be sufficient. For example: 10% due to remedial works.

Our response:
Information not held.  Merton Council does not own any housing stock.  All council housing was transferred to Circle Housing Merton

Priory, a Housing Association, in 2010.  Housing Associations are not subject to the FOI Act, so they do not have to respond to information requests.  However,

Circle Housing Merton Priory may choose to answer your request if you submit it to them.  Their contact details are on their website, which is:

We sent an FOI request to Merton Council regarding Ravensbury's empty homes

Ravensbury Residents Association RRA


One thought on “Freedom of Information request to Merton Council”

  1. Merton priory homes have a legal obligation to reply to anything we ask. These are homes that remain empty when there is a housing shortage and should be occupied. Merton priory homes [forced] the elderly out of their homes and into new sheltered housing and those houses are now occupied so yes we do need answers as to way so many homes have been left empty for months. Mph always do things behind closed doors when they are supposed to be working with the residents. We have a right as a community to know what is going on with no secrets

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