2016 Ravensbury Garages proposal by Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes

3d renders of the Ravensbury Garages proposals – responses required by 21st June 2016 please

Here’s a few artist’s 3d render impressions of how the Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes proposals will look.

  1. We think that planning should be refused because one of the 4 storey flats will occupy an important green space that fulfils the role of public amenity, a transition area between park and estate that is vital to the character of Ravensbury and defines our relationship with Ravensbury Park.
  2. The existing view of Ravensbury Park seen from Ravensbury Grove will be lost forever. They also intend to remove all existing trees within the site boundary.
  3. We think that Block B should not be built at all because it robs Ravensbury of a unique relationship with the park, permanently affecting the character of our area. The river houses and Block A in the plans should be shorter too.
  4. We think the height of the flats and riverside houses will dominate the treeline when seen from within Ravensbury, therefore we would request that planning be refused in this instance. The style of the flats could look better with Mansard roofs not flat roofs.
  5. The ground in the garages is higher than the rest of Ravensbury so all the new buildings will be about 1m higher (half a storey) and so have a greater impact.

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