2016 Ravensbury Garages proposal by Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes

Points to consider in your planning response about the Ravensbury Garages – plus info links

Our opinion is that the Ravensbury Garages application should be refused permission based on the following general points:

  1. Adverse effect on the residential amenity of neighbours, by reason of (among other factors) noise*, disturbance*, overlooking, loss of privacy, overshadowing, etc. [*but note that this does not include noise or disturbance arising from the actual execution of the works, which will not be taken into account]
  2. Unacceptably high density / overdevelopment of the site, especially if it involves loss of garden land or the open aspect of the neighbourhood (so called ‘garden grabbing’)
  3. Visual impact of the development
  4. Effect of the development on the character of the neighbourhood
  5. Design (including bulk and massing, detailing and materials, if these form part of the application)
  6. The proposed development is over‐bearing, out‐of‐scale or out ofcharacter in terms of its appearance compared with existingdevelopment in the vicinity
  7. The loss of existing views from neighbouring properties wouldadversely affect the residential amenity of neighbouring owners
  8.  [If in a Conservation Area, adverse effect of the development on the character and appearance of the Conservation Area]
  9. [If near a Listed Building, adverse effect of the development on the setting of the Listed Building.]
  10. The development would adversely affect highway safety or the convenience of road users [but only if there is technical evidence to back up such a claim].

plus the following too:

11. The proposal reduces the amount car parking available or provides insufficient parking space itself
12. Approval would create a precedent meaning that it would be difficult to object to similar proposals.
13. Local infrastructure is not adequate to service the proposed development.
14. The proposed development includes insufficient landscaping.
15. The cumulative impact of the development when considered alongside other development will have an adverse impact on the area.

Here’s a link to the documents submitted for planning by CHMP:
Ravensbury Garages planning application here

Here’s guidance on how to comment on a planning application:

We discussed “loss of view” in the meeting last night, so here’s further information:

One point which is controversial is the relevance in planning terms of the loss of a view. It is often said that “there is no right to a view”. Whilst that is correct in strictly legal terms, it does not mean that the loss of a view is necessarily irrelevant to planning. The enjoyment of a view could be an important part of the residential amenity of a neighbouring property, and its loss might therefore have an adverse impact on the residential amenity of that property. Loss of a view from a public viewpoint might also have a wider impact on a neighbourhood, and such matters ought to be taken into account where they are raised.

Here’s some of the planning links too:



Here’s the pdf with an eight step guide (a 69 page pdf in total)


Page 26/64 says:
Now it’s time to decide what action you’re going to take on the planning application.
You could:

  1. Support the application because it will have benefits for the
    local area, either now or in the long run;
  2. Support the application but ask for details of the proposed
    development to be reconsidered and changed;
  3. Take no action, since the proposal’s overall effect would be
    neutral or of little relevance to your particular interest;
  4. Register an objection to the application, but suggest action that
    could be taken to address your objection, such as amending
    the proposal or attaching planning conditions or a planning
    obligation; or
  5. Request that the application be refused permission because of
    its adverse effects, which can’t be dealt with satisfactorily by
    using conditions or obligations.

And here’s how Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage have responded to recent applications:
1. Kwik-Fit site response
2. Cricket Green Response



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