Application 16/P2354 has differing dates online vs on actual notice!

Planning application 16/p2354 - stopping parking for two years

As you know, we don’t have long to respond to the SECOND part of the planning application made by Circle that requests suspension of parking on Ravensbury Grove for TWO years!

If you zoom into the above image of the actual planning application notice, you’ll see that it states 27th June 2016 as the date of the application notice. This is when the council erected the notice for residents.

This would usually give until 18th July 2016 for residents to respond.

However online, the application date is actually given as 17th June 2016.

So, online they have given the last date for residents comments as only 12th July 2016.

Essentially, this gives residents one week less to respond.

We have emailed Merton Council for a response.

Ravensbury RA.


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