Ravensbury RA meeting tonight

Our meeting tonight starts at 7 pm in the meeting hall on Ravensbury Grove. See you there.


This is the area that Andrew Judge amongst others waved through recently

Ravensbury Grove site waved through by Merton councillors

The Merton Council planning committee waved the Ravensbury Garages plans through recently. Councillors that thought the plans suitable (supported the application) included: John Bowcott (Conservative), Najeeb Latif (Cons), Andrew Judge (Labour) , Linda Kirby (Lab), Peter Southgate (Merton Park Independent Residents), Imran Uddin (Lab), Geraldine Stanford (Lab), Joan Henry (Lab).

Ravensbury Grove destined for demolition and four storey flats
Ravensbury Grove site and flats given planning permission
Ravensbury Garages site with views across to Ravensbury Park

Interesting link to resident regen consultation article…

This article describes a similar consultation to that experienced in Circle’s & Merton’s quest for regen. Definitely worth a read:


Take a look at @ASH_housing’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ASH_housing/status/779359425547108353?s=09

Judicial Review: £££ monies required for court proceedings

We thought it important to let residents  & other interested bodies know that now that Merton’s planning committee have passed the Ravensbury Garages application, there is only 6 weeks to submit the case to court for a judicial review.

We believe that the legal costs (plus VAT) required to begin the legal challenge are initially around £3-6k.
The total costs to get to High Court are expected to be around £10-15k.
If the case goes further, there will be further costs, obviously.
If the case is lost, then costs would also need to be paid to the other party.
Submitting within the 6 weeks after a decision has been made (ie now) is also considered to be an 11th hour application.

Interested parties who would like to contribute towards a judicial review, should contact us on: Ravensbury.Grove@gmail.com