Are Circle Clarion rolling out separate water bills to all tenants?! @Thameswater @mertoncouncil

After some residents received a letter informing them of Circle Clarion’s decision to separate the water bill from the rent bill, will all tenants in Merton, and further afield, be receiving notices to pay £300 bills (?) on top of their rent, and will their rent see any reductions beforehand?!

It should be noted that leaseholders are probably also subject to these new terms and that residents in flats may find it impossible to get separate metered bills due to flats having multiple water supply pipes to each property.

Last year Circle Clarion seem to have instructed Thames Water to install water meters on supplies into each block of flats in anticipation of this new instruction. So this has obviously been waiting in the wings for some time.

Many questions need to be answered before this is introduced.


Letter informing Merton tenants of separate water bills
Letter informing Merton tenants of separate water bills
Letter informing Merton tenants of separate water bills
Letter informing Merton tenants of separate water bills

Interesting link about Circle Clarion 

Here’s a response from Gavin Barwell MP in the House of Commons and he talks about Circle Clarion and their role in housing. There’s not much about repairs!

Deadline for your Merton Estates Local Plan comments: 3rd Feb 2017

You only have until 3rd February 2017 to respond to the PLANNING INSPECTOR regarding Merton’s Local Plan!

Merton Council rather quietly released the final version of their Merton Estates Plan over Christmas, and haven’t greatly publicised the fact that, from their point of view, you only have until 3rd Feb 2017 to give your comments.

Remember that they have spent a lot of time with the Circle Clarion regen team adjusting their local plan (storey heights, densities, road layouts etc) to suit their combined objectives, possibly rather than those necessarily expressed by the Ravensbury community.

The council and Circle regen appear to have combined objectives and even have private contractual terms in the handover agreement documents, so it was pretty obvious that there would be an effective partnership.

However, residents should be able to expect an independent response, and even possibly a positive bias in favour of residents & their community.

You really should respond if you feel your responses haven’t been heard in this final version of the local plan.

Ravensbury RA will hold a small workshop at tonight’s meeting to consider the report from Merton, and will also canvas residents door to door on their opinions as it can be very difficult for residents to find time to attend in the evenings.

Estates Plan link here

Merton Council’s request for comments:

If you have comments that you would like the inspector to consider at his or her independent examination of the plan, please let us know in writing (post or e-mail) between 8th December 2016 – 3rd  February 2017.


London Borough of Merton
Merton Civic Centre
London Road
Morden SM4 5DX

Telephone: 020 8545 3837