About Ravensbury

Ravensbury Grove is in Mitcham, Surrey, and is currently under threat of regeneration and redevelopment. This website is here to voice the concerns of local people.

Circle Housing has been running what they call a consultation exercise since early 2013. “Join the conversation” is their repeated mantra, but what kind of a conversation is one-sided? It’s more of a dictatorial land grab, smoothed into existence by the railroading of residents and their communities.

When Circle Housing’s board meets, it is behind closed doors, the meeting minutes are not publicly available. This is how they make decisions that affect the future of thousands of people. They have said that there will be no ballot on the regeneration: that they see no value in giving the local people a chance to speak.

Local residents have found the consultation to be an unmitigated disaster because of Circle Housing’s high handed approach that suppresses the residents opinions whenever they attempt to criticise the scheme. Very little of Circle Housing’s published materials reveal the residents depth of feeling: how obvious it is that Circle cares so little about the community and its roots.

This appalling exercise in how to bulldoze the residents opinions into oblivion has beggared belief of all concerned. The exercise is overseen by Regeneration Team for Circle Housing. Many residents have found their manner to be insincere and high-handed. Their thorough enjoyment of dominating the community is blindingly obvious.

Circle Housing originally suggested that it was just the Orlit Houses that were to be demolished and replaced with like for like. We realise now that this was just to get tacit consent and ease the way through the consultation. Orlit Houses, or Slab Houses were considered defective under the Housing Defects Act 1984, but they can be repaired as seen here. Here’s a story about Sutton council’s approach to Orlit housing.

Then, the local housing association Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes sent a shocking leaflet to residents informing them of their desire to regenerate (ie demolish) many of the homes – Orlit or brick, there was no distinction. The ambiguous wording of the leaflet left many residents feeling angry at the way a decision such as this seemed to have been already made behind closed doors. The consultation period over the summer seemed to be an exercise of pure waffle. Merton Priory Homes admitted that they need to double the density of existing housing in order to replace them. Even now, those architects involved in the design consultation refuse to engage in further discussions because they say that Circle Housing have told them not to.

We hope that this site helps residents get their opinions voiced properly.

Ravensbury Grove from the South
Ravensbury Grove from the South


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