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Christopher Holt is the current chair person of Ravensbury residents association, and he is currently running as an independent candidate in Merton’s Local Elections, 2018, in order to raise the profile of all residents of Ravensbury within Merton.

Tracy Wilson is also a member of Ravensbury residents association and has also chosen to run as an independent candidate in the 2018 Local Elections.

If you would like to contact Ravensbury RA, please email:

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Ravensbury Grove, Hatfield Close & Rutter Gardens
Ravensbury Grove, Hatfield Close & Rutter Gardens

3 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hello. This is not related to the proposed estate redevelopment but I hope it is still OK to post it here. It is relating to the use of fireworks on the estate. Can you please spread the word asking people who live here to be more considerate in their use of these things. Fireworks have been going off constantly day and night for weeks now, and having to listent to constant bangs is very stressful for both humans and animals. It’s like living in a war zone! I would be really grateful if people could just use them on Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve, etc and other specific occasions, rather than using them constantly throughout October and November. It’s really not fair on neighbours, and it just terrorises our pets (and wildlife in the area).

  2. Read this about social housing

    It is terrifying to be a social tenant right now. My default mood is a nasty, sickening mix of rage and fear. I have lost any voice beyond a tiny squeaking protest that is as ridiculous as it is inaudible, shouted pointlessly into a hurricane of noise made by giant landlords who need to define my life to maintain their lifestyles.

    The debate this year is about which people will be allowed to rent in future. Landlords seem to be favouring those they describe as needy, poor and vulnerable.

    I am not seen as an intelligent, educated, thoughtful woman, nor a third sector manager in my early 60s finally stepping thankfully towards retirement after 45 years of work.

    We need to be pitied, chivvied and managed by the housing professionals, without whom we would descend into feral chaos
    I’m a tenant. This is my total identity and means I am beneath contempt. Why involve me in policy or respect my social policy experience and strategic expertise? I am a tenant, a loser by definition and should shut up, be grateful and allow my betters to decide the details of my unimportant fate.

    “Tenants” used to refer simply to the millions of households on low to medium incomes, renting homes that were affordable because they were not there to make profits. Housing workers were employed to serve society’s obvious need for decent housing for working class people. Tenants like me rented throughout our working lives and into retirement. We rarely, if ever, met or heard from our landlords. They were paid to make sure the housing was kept in trim, rents were collected and occasional complaints or repairs dealt with quickly.

    We tenants got on with our lives. We are nurses and care workers, teaching assistants and caretakers, cleaners, bus drivers, nursery workers, musicians and artists, carers and cared for, retail staff, manual artisans and factory workers. Some of us are also refugees or migrants, the resilient people who managed to get out of war zones or move away from famine, droughts or political persecution. Seeded through are the casualties of the 1980s onslaughts on UK industries, struggling to live difficult lives drained by worklessness, needing new business investments in their neighbourhoods.

    Now the housing sector is under government scrutiny, it is shown to be bloated and ugly. Light is shone on hugely paid chief executives heading up top-heavy layers of directorates, their startling wages taken from the pockets of the lowest paid or via housing benefit, from tax revenues. Panic is spreading. What if these unwieldy, expensive and overbearing hierarchies are unnecessary? Quick! To justify the existence of the sector, we tenants must be shown as universally needing control and management.

    No one asked social tenants if they want right to buy or lower rent
    Jenny Osbourne
    Read more
    We need to be pitied, chivvied and managed by the housing professionals, without whom we would descend into feral chaos. No wonder we are not allowed near decision-making or strategic input: we are the detritus of society and should be grateful to be governed.

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