Residents meeting tonight at 7pm

We’ll be holding another residents meeting tonight, in the hall on Ravensbury Grove.

Doors open at 7pm. See you there if you’re free!


RA meeting tonight at 7pm

Don’t forget we have our RA meeting tonight at 7pm. It’s in the meeting hall on Ravensbury Grove.

We’ll be discussing why 3 local residents have decided to stand for election this year. Ready to listen to everyone’s opinions on what needs to change at Merton Council too. 

The usual repairs problems and regen shenanigans will be on the table as ever!

See you there.

Local Residents for Ravensbury – 3rd May 2018 local elections

Three local residents will be standing for election as independent councillors in the coming local elections on 3rd May 2018.

Tracy Wilson, Mark Gale & Christopher Holt have all chosen to stand, so that residents are properly represented in Merton Council.

You will have 3 votes in the coming election, so you now have the option of voting for local residents instead of the actual parties themselves.

You can follow their Twitter accounts: @TracyRavensbury @MarkGale @RavensburyChris

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