There is no ballot in the process!

After the first ‘informal drop-in meeting’ held by Merton Priory Circle Homes, we have gleaned that there is no ballot in the process of regeneration!

This basically means that no matter what information the consultation process collects from the people of Ravensbury, Circle Housing will not ask us whether we are for it or against it!

It seems that the staff of Circle knew this all along and that this is the thing they didn’t want to discuss. But this is the thing that everyone expects in a fair and democratic society.

Last years consultation resulted in the twisting of residents words into words that suited Circle Housing in their pursuit of regeneration. If they asked us what we would like to improve, they reworded this into reasons why we would like demolition. That is not a proper process of consultation.

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Mitcham Eastfields Residents Association

Mitcham Eastfields Residents Association

… Click on the title for a link to the residents association of Mitcham Eastfields, with some interesting points about the consultation by Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes

Latest Letter from Circle Housing

We received a letter from Circle today, notifying us of the next stage of consultation. Thing is, it makes no reference to whether anyone actually wants the demolition of their homes. It simply asserts that everyone is in favour. That’s hardly what we call democratic or even “proper consultation”.

They do use the word could, but the overall tone of the letter is a definite “would”. Seems like they are putting words into the residents mouths in all truth.

Their new time table of consultation is as follows:

1. Tuesday, 10th June – 3pm to 7.30pm – Informal drop-in event
2. Saturday, 21st June – 10am – 12pm – Walkabout with architects
3. Wednesday, 25th June – 3pm – 730pm – Design Workshop

Sita Mitcham smells

Just had a chat with Sita refuse people about their site in Mitcham and it seems that they aren’t receiving our complaints about the stench from their site.
Maybe the council or the environment agency isn’t passing our complaints on, but also it could be the fact that people feel their views are ignored so frequently that they feel a complaint is useless to make.
Well, we think it’s time that a survey of peoples opinions on the stench is made. We welcome any comments on this.

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