Ravensbury Meeting Hall

Ravensbury Meeting Hall is out of bounds for residents, according to Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes. The housing association use health and safety as the standard excuse.

But this week it will be the polling station for the local elections, as it has been for many years. Seems that they can tape down the peeling floor tiles for certain situations.

Surely not rectifying this situation stands in the way of residents meeting properly to discuss proposed regeneration?!


Regeneration or is it Gentrification??!

Very interesting article in the Guardian today about regeneration going hand in hand with gentrification….



Ravensbury Grove plans


The area shown in red has been selected by Circle Housing to be demolished. Their proposals include a doubling of the housing density and selling off of some of the land. This has already meant that some long term residents have left the Grove and that others face losing their homes and life styles. People are being uprooted from their area despite the PR exercise that says otherwise.

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