Ravensbury Grove Pictures

Pictures of Ravensbury Grove:









2 thoughts on “Ravensbury Grove Pictures”

  1. looking at your pictures of Ravensbury, it is hard to see how they justify demolition… what evidence have they given you? I just had my panel review with the CHMP board(the step before the onbudsman) in regards to the poor handling of my requests for more clarity re evidence to support the claims that there was “sufficient support” for regeneration… They did seem to take on my concerns… lets see what response they come up with… either way, they heard loud and clear from me that “affordability” is a key concern, as is like for like tenure!I helped select the ITRA, who seem cool, and who’s role it is to challenge CHMP for how they handle things… they will have their work cut out for them!

    1. We did a survey and there’s an overwhelming support for repair but not for demolition. If you would like a copy if the survey, let us know.

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