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Regen workshop tonight at 630pm in Ravensbury meeting hall

Circle are holding a workshop tonight in the meeting hall at 630pm. Lots of residents probably did not get an invitation because Circle’s regen team have chosen to remove many in Ravensbury from the future workshops etc.

So head over to the hall now if you want to see what’s going on.

There’s another in March too.

Ravensbury RA.


Merton Labour cabinet discuss Merton regen local plan #merton #regen #2016


Last night, Merton’s Labour cabinet met as per normal, however the timeline for submitting the draft estates local plan to the Secretary of State was on the agenda. This is the document that residents responded to previously.

We noted that there’s a few choice words involved in the recommendations, such as decisions to delegate authority to the cabinet member for regen. This effectively avoids them needing to convene another cabinet meeting and openly discuss the agenda. More opaque behaviour from Merton Council headed by our ward councillor Stephen Alambritis.




The Draft Estates Plan is now at version 3 or stage 3, just prior to the submission to the Secretary of State. The reference to actual building heights has been removed. This might be because the council could be seen as promoting heights when there wasn’t support for it, or because it was too much trouble actually stating heights relative to the negative reaction from the general public. In addition, Circle obviously wants to maximise the total floor space in the new development and will follow the planning guidelines to maximise their position when designing the new development. Those running the council might also be oblivious to the need to restrain building heights and density in Ravensbury: the recent planning permission granted for Ravensbury Garages seems to fit that assumption. Possibly they just don’t care that much because it’s not their home, community or environment. Who knows.

The council made no mention of the poor method of consultation by CHMP or the stress created by this for the existing residents.

Despite his promises, our Ravensbury ward councillor Stephen Alambritis hasn’t really held much of a candle to this regen process, and it still appears to be going ahead in its initial form despite Ravensbury residents being against it.

This is all despite him saying it wouldn’t go ahead if residents opposed it. Go figure. In fact Stephen has come across as being firmly in the CHMP camp, pictured shaking hands with their CEO, always avoiding criticising the company and seemingly anti resident when it comes to listening and working on our behalf. Guess that’s what happens when someone thinks they are Lord over all that they survey.

What you might find interesting is the money involved:

The value of property in Merton is around the £800 per square foot, or more.
The build cost these days is around £100 per square foot.
So that leaves: £800-£100 = £700 per square foot to cover profit, contingency, demolition and professional fees.

On the average new build house, of 93m2, that’s roughly £650k in their pocket in the broadest terms, back of a fag packet type calculations.

There’s no VAT to be paid due to the new build versus refurb.

Not a bad earner if you’ve been practically given the housing stock in the first place?

Ravensbury Residents Association

Shafted: Inconvenient Truths for Lambeth Council Homeowners

Very interesting report on Accumulation by Dispossession using Myatts Field North as a case study.

Save Cressingham Gardens

Cressingham Gardens homeowners, and any others undergoing a Lambeth council regeneration, would be well-advised to study a report which exposes the shocking property undervaluations and broken promises suffered by homeowners on Myatts Field North, who have faced the demolition of their homes.

Lambeth council continues to applaud the scheme, now rebranded ‘Oval Quarter’, but the research uncovers a different story which might help inform Cressingham residents as they weigh up the council’s offer to them.

For example, the March 2015 draft Cressingham offer (1) makes the claim that the primary motivation behind the regeneration is to “deliver more affordable housing”. (Note previous blog: affordable homes did not feature at all when the regeneration was launched in 2012. Back then, it was all about raising cash for the repairs they hadn’t done.)

Cressingham ho1 1. Draft Cressingham Gardens homeowner offer March 2015

In deciding to redevelop Cressingham under the new “affordable homes” banner, the council has not made any effort to ask…

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@cllr_alambritis Our Ravensbury community is under threat from Circle Housing

Most residents feel that the very community of Ravensbury and the beautiful village-like environment in which we live is under threat from the demolition plans made by Circle Housing.

No mention has been made by their consultation teams to retain the character and general environment that we at Ravensbury have enjoyed for several generations. Instead most events have concentrated on increasing density against the wishes of the residents. It’s a one way conversation based on a take it or be damned approach.

So far, some members of our community have been bullied into leaving and others feel that they should leave before Circle Housing and their bulldozers roll in.

Ravensbury Grove Blog

Regenerate or Degenerate?

You have to see Ravensbury Grove and the surroundings to believe it.
Nestled between two parks, the atmosphere is usually tranquil and relaxing – a bit like being in the countryside in many respects. It’s part of the Wandle Valley Conservation Area according to Merton Council’s publications.

I guess that as council tenants or ex tenants, we were always very grateful for such a nice place to live.

However this summer, Merton Priory Homes (aka Circle Anglia) chose to wreck all that by inviting us to small workshops under a marquee in August (how twee) to tell us how they’d like to level the whole area and start again. It’s just that they’d like our opinion first – probably because otherwise they’d be taken to court for insufficient consultation.

This pathetic attempt at consultation provoked a lot of anger, especially when they let it slip that regeneration requires a doubling of the housing density and the selling off of some of the land.

They also omitted to mention that the council had voted most of this through earlier in the year! See this for more information: MERTON-REGENERATION-2013-07-09