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In case you missed it: Merton Council have finally stamped Ravensbury planning application in mid May

We checked the Merton Council planning explorer recently and have found that they have finally rubber stamped both of the Circle Housing planning applications for Ravensbury in mid May 2017.

Therefore the only thing that remains is for Merton Council to sell the land to Circle Housing. Ie, sell off priceless open space that forms part & parcel of Ravensbury Park and its immediate surroundings.

Redeveloping the derelict garages has sadly enabled Circle to persuade Merton Council to also redevelop our open space which, as we have said continuously, will ruin the character of our area, compromise the beauty of Ravensbury Park and enable redevelopment to ruin our unique village like environment that currently supports the Wandle Valley.

The developer proposes 2 sets of 4 storey blocks of flats and extensive paving in place of the grassed areas which is against the true environmental spirit that is Ravensbury. Seven houses are proposed on the derelict garages site.

Merton Council and our councillors have truly let Ravensbury and its neighbourhood down. And for what? Redevelopment by a company seemingly intent on changing Merton forever in the name of revenue; money in the bank.

They should all hang their heads in shame, or maybe just resign en masse and leave Merton to be run by its true guardians: its residents!



Ravensbury Garages Sections showing new development proposals & current context

Here’s some drawings from the proposed Ravensbury Garages redevelopment plan that is currently awaiting review by Merton Council’s planning team – application 16/P1968.
You have until 21st June 2016 to get your responses into Merton Council. This is considered to be Phase 1 of the regeneration strategy put forward by Circle Housing.

Here’s the elevations of Ravensbury Garages etc:

Ravensbury Garages - proposed sections B
Ravensbury Garages – proposed sections ACROSS GARAGES SITE
Ravensbury Garages - proposed sections A
Ravensbury Garages – proposed sections ACROSS GARAGES SITE
Ravensbury Garages - block B sections
Ravensbury Garages – block B sections ON RAVENSBURY GROVE
Ravensbury Garages - block A sections
Ravensbury Garages – block A sections ON RAVENSBURY GROVE
Ravensbury Garages - existing sections 2
Ravensbury Garages РEXISTING sections ACROSS GARAGES
Ravensbury Garages - existing sections 1
Ravensbury Garages РEXISTING sections ON RAVENSBURY GROVE

Here’s a gallery of some the drawings that they have used to support their planning application:

Residents meeting this Wednesday at 7pm – discussing planning application

Don’t forget that tomorrow evening we have the Ravensbury residents meeting from 7pm in the hall on Ravensbury Grove.

We’ll be discussing Circle Housing’s planning application to build a pair of 4 storey flats next to Ravensbury Park, destroying our green space just there forever, plus another 7 houses – all of these on ground that is 1m higher than the estate, thus substantially blocking our view of the tree line that is integral to the character of our neighbourhood.

Our opinion is that this application should be refused because of the massing, heights, removal of green space (serving also as a public amenity space), effect on the character of our estate & removal of an important view & setting, potential parking problems, and very importantly the effect on the adjacent Ravensbury Park area – an important area of conservation in Merton – amongst other things.

Remember that anyone can respond to the planning application, you don’t have to live right next to the site. Remember also that, if granted, we’ll be without parking on Ravensbury Grove for 12-18 months.

In Circle’s planning application they say they’ve considered residents views. It seems that they haven’t actioned the views that they disagree with though. We call this a cherry picking consultation.

See you in the hall tomorrow from 7pm.