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RA meeting tonight at 7pm

Don’t forget we have our RA meeting tonight at 7pm. It’s in the meeting hall on Ravensbury Grove.

We’ll be discussing why 3 local residents have decided to stand for election this year. Ready to listen to everyone’s opinions on what needs to change at Merton Council too. 

The usual repairs problems and regen shenanigans will be on the table as ever!

See you there.


Here’s some images of outstanding repairs in Ravensbury – May 2017

One of the ways that we try to get Circle Housing to listen to, and we hope to act on, repairs issues is to photograph and email the housing officers.

Once you take a photo, you can add text using a variety of available apps on your phone. At a later date, this allows you to check when you contacted them, and serves as an easy reminder of the exact issue.

It’s not been easy to get a good level of service from our housing association so hopefully this kind of evidence is useful if we need to speak to a housing tribunal.

It’s a real shame that Merton Council seem to be more interested in redeveloping our area instead of supporting the residents and the entire neighbourhood.

If they do sell off our open space next to Ravensbury Park, it will truly damage the entire area forever.

Here’s a few repairs examples from May 2017:

Repairs May 2017
Repairs May 2017
Ravensbury Repairs May 2017
Repairs May 2017

Circle Clarion: £12,000 or 85% of Ravensbury Court’s services charges raising concerns or not billed accurately for 2015/2016 #Merton

We have finally finished running through the service charges billed to Ravensbury Court by Circle Clarion Housing for 2015/2016.

Service charge totals for wrongly billed jobs versus queried jobs
Ravensbury Court residents have been billed incorrectly
One page of service charges showing incorrect billing to Ravensbury residents
One page of service charges showing incorrect billing to Ravensbury residents
Item showing billing for Ravensbury Grove office
Item showing billing for Ravensbury Grove office

We have raised concerns regarding over £12000 of work. That’s over 85% of the service charge billed to Ravensbury Court residents.

48% (£6900) of the service charge appears to have been incorrectly billed to Ravensbury Court and its 59 residents.

38% (£5400) of the service charges appear to raise significant concerns and require further information regarding whether work has been actually done, whether it has been billed for twice.

This significant sum raises the concern that Circle Clarion in Merton and their associated contractors have not managed the repairs properly and billed residents incorrectly.


Ravensbury Residents Association


Notes on Last night’s Highpath meeting with Clarion (Circle) Housing

Last night (20th December 2016) Cypren Edmunds, Chair of Highpath Resident & Community Association, hosted a public meeting with Clarion Housing Group, that’s the now merged Circle Housing & Affinity Sutton. Clips of this meeting are on YouTube.
Attending were Austin Reid, Director of Transition (ex Circle Chief Operating Officer), Neil McCall CEO (ex Affinity Sutton), Paul Quinn (Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes regen director).

Austen Reid was in typical corporate mood, somewhat shocked to be within touching distance of the actual residents, and routinely demonstrated a sound knowledge of platitudes & non committal language, seemingly being evasive of the true situation on the ground, one that residents are only too aware of.

Neil McCall seemed a little shocked at the response from some residents regarding repairs & maintenance too, but his general demeanour did indicate a more sincere disposition, less self-serving than the rest. He did mention that he will not be responsible for repairs and maintenance on estates identified as being part of the future regen! We assume that the gentleman below will be responsible for that, but have far less confidence in him.

Paul Quinn was in the usual shape shifting mode, happy to provide the positive spin of the regen spiel, but unwilling to elaborate on the actual conduct of his regen team, the lack of proper resident involvement in the regen consultation including the architectural design, and the massive percentage of residents that are against his regen ideas for the future of Ravensbury (this is in reference to Merton Council’s own regen consultation).

Ravensbury Residents are against demolition of their estate
Austen Reid (Clarion Housing) speaks to Merton residents
Austen Reid (Clarion Housing) speaks to Merton residents
Highpath residents meeting with Clarion Housing
Highpath residents meeting with Clarion Housing

In all, it was a heated meeting that demonstrated that Clarion Housing Group will have a long way to go if they are to properly remedy the damage that Circle Merton had inflicted on the Merton communities relative to the past & present effect of poor repairs and the future effects of planned Merton regeneration.

There’s still a long way to go.

We hope everyone has a great Christmas & New Year break. See you in 2017.


Circle Housing emergency repairs lines are now back up and running

Earlier today we heard that the Emergency Repairs lines for Circle Housing were down, and that there wasn’t any information coming from Circle about this via social media.

We’ve just found out that the lines are now back up and running after being down between 10am and 3pm. Continue reading Circle Housing emergency repairs lines are now back up and running