1 day to the Ravensbury draft masterplan: what is home to you? @futuremerton @Circlemerton @htadesignllp? #Merton #Regen

With only 1 day to the Ravensbury draft masterplan: what is home to you?

@futuremerton @Circlemerton @htadesignllp? #Merton #Regen

How would you define “home”?

What is home on Ravensbury Village?
Why attempt to break a community such as Ravensbury that is not broken?

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3 days to go: Unveiling of the masterplan

3 days to go: the draft Ravensbury masterplan

There are only 3 days to go till the unveiling of the Ravensbury draft masterplan.

Maybe it’s Halloween, but it really does seem like a monster is stalking the borough Merton recently.

Residents cower in their homes, afraid to raise their voice in case Circle Housing hear their complaints. They are unsure of whether they will qualify for ANY of the homes in the design that Circle Housing is brewing in its cauldron of disenfranchisement and dis-empowerment.

Maybe Circle Housing is the Monster of Merton, forever bringing fear and foreboding to those that have the unfortunate luck to be in their homes or under their control.

100% No confidence vote against Circle Housing’s consultation from Ravensbury Residents #merton #regen

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100% No Confidence vote against Circle Housing’s regen consultation from Ravensbury Residents

The results are in: The residents of Ravensbury were asked if they supported a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes regeneration consultation: 100% of those asked supported the motion of no confidence. This figure is an indication of the feeling that residents have towards CHMP and the methods that they have employed since they started the consultation into regeneration.

The overall proportion of residents were also againstdemolition of their homes, preferring refurbishment. The figure was in the region of 98% of residents against regeneration with demolition. Instead, they were in favour of refurbishment.

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