Well, er, yeah, that’s your opinion, man…

Quite frequently we are told that our opinion doesn’t count.
Circle Housing officers & even our own councillors seem to say it more frequently of late.

So here’s a link to what could be called their generic response:


RRa Meeting tonight at the Surrey Arms

RRa Meeting tonight at the Surrey Arms

We have decided to have our RRa meeting at the Surrey Arms tonight because Circle Housing still haven’t opened our hall. We know that many of you are furious about CHMP closing the hall and that you feel that it is highly likely that this done in order to prevent residents from meeting at the most important time possible: the period between the draft masterplan and the final masterplan.

CHMP have been VERY quiet throughout December and January, and have not contacted us at all. We are concerned that they are trying to avoid proper dialogue with the residents and their association despite pushing ahead with their plans for regeneration through demolition.

Please remember to sign our petition of no confidence in the CHMP regeneration consultation. They have effectively attempted to push residents opinions to one side and seem to find those opinions a thorn in their side. Residents should be treated with the utmost respect and the consultation process should be as transparent as possible to them.

Ravensbury Residents Association

Happy New Year 2015 from Ravensbury Residents Association

Happy New Year 2015 from Ravensbury Residents Association

We wish everyone in the Ravensbury area a very Happy New Year and hope that 2015 brings residents a better deal & brighter future through proper resident engagement.

Repairs to the Residents Hall Floor:

We have observed that the Ravensbury Residents Meeting Hall floor is practically complete. It has taken the better part of two months for what is essentially a one or two week job, but thankfully CHMP & KeepMoat seem to have managed to complete it in time for 2015.

January 2015:

January 2015 is probably going to be quite a busy month, what with CHMP instructing its market research company to start surveying pubilc opinion in our area.

CHMP are aiming to round up their consultation with the hope of getting a green light to push on with their plans. It is up to the residents to criticise the plans and guide the future of Ravensbury.

Ravensbury Residents Association
“Taking the Lead on the Future of Ravensbury”