Pavement parking enforcement signs in Merton!


We’ve noticed pavement parking enforcement signs going up today. Have a read because they also cover parking on the grass verges!

They mention that some footway parking is ok as long as there’s a 1m gap for disabled users.

You can search for footway parking on Merton’s website:


Ravensbury Residents Association RRA


2016 (?) Leaf monies update

We have received an email from Circle regarding the spending of our LEAF monies.

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Sheds, midges & the council plan… Ravensbury Update – March 2016

Here’s a bit of an update regarding events around Ravensbury this month (March 2016):

  • The Council Plan: Friday (18th March 2016) saw the closing of the council’s own consultation on the future of Ravensbury, covering two main points: whether you want it to be demolished at all and if the scheme does get the go ahead, how you think it should look. We know this seems couched in the proverbials but at least the first part gives residents a chance to speak out (again).

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Interesting tv programme on London regen

The Estate We’re In

Situated beside the beautiful Welsh Harp Reservoir, the West Hendon Estate was built in the 1960s to provide housing for families on low incomes. Today, the local council have deemed that the estate’s ‘grotty’ buildings are beyond repair and, in partnership with private developers, the estate is being demolished to make way for a multimillion-pound regeneration which will transform the area into a luxury housing development.

For many of the residents, the regeneration has caused uncertainty and stress. Council tenant Katrina, who has lived on the estate all her life, has been told that she and her daughter are being evicted from their flat. Pensioner Joe will have to sell the maisonette that he has lived in for 30 years and saved up to purchase under right to buy. If the council do not increase their offer he will have to leave London – and the three generations of his family who live locally – to afford a home elsewhere.

Filmed over a year, The Estate We’re In follows homeowners and council tenants as they fight to save their homes and campaign against a planned multimillion-pound regeneration, which they claim is forcing low-income families out of London. Council leaders argue that there is no public money available and that private investment is the only way to supply much-needed housing.

Through the experiences of the residents, the film gives an intimate perspective on the housing crisis and raises broader questions: What makes a community? Is it possible to fight the system? And are the rights of the poor being ignored for the benefit of the rich?


Neighbours discuss life on the West Hendon estate


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Protest on West Hendon


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See all clips from The Estate We’re In (2)



Ravensbury Residents Association RRA

How to Respond to Planning Applications

In April 2016 (at the earliest that’s about three weeks away), Circle Housing will most probably submit a planning application for the Ravensbury Garages site, so we thought you should know how to respond. This is what could be described as Regen by the Back Door – effectively subverting the strict process of the main regen assessment.

A little bit of googling produces gems such as Martin Goodall’s Planning Law Blog :
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