According to Circle Housing Merton Priory (CHMP) Homes,  a ballot or poll on whether the regeneration should go ahead and whether homes should be demolished  or not, is not and will not be  part of the consultation process.

This is despite CHMP saying that there was overwhelming opinion to go ahead with regeneration – no independently verified ballot was made for this decision. Instead, the decision was made by the CHMP board.

If you would like to vote, you can vote here:


One thought on “Ballot”

  1. I’m interested as to why any current occupiers wish to have their present home demolished? As I have stated before, to what extent would a new property offer a significant improvement over a properly maintained, updated where needed, and repaired as required (ie can anyone demonstrate where a repair is economically unfeasible?)

    Note this does not mean I am necessarily against use of some land space within or adjoining the estate area being used to provide new accommodation that better meets some residents needs (generally more / less bedrooms, or step-free access for persons with mobility issues.

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