Ravensbury Grove cards…

Hope everybody received a card through their letter box.

The hope is that everyone leaves their own comments on this site.
Tenants should be able to voice their concerns independently of Merton Priory Homes.


Circle Housing asks for tenders by 4pm on 14 October 2013

Circle Housing asks for tenders by 4pm on 14 October 2013

According to the Architects’ Journal (25th Sept 2013), Circle Housing have requested tenders for plans with  ‘strong and positive visions’ for the regeneration project:

“The Circle Anglia Housing Group is seeking masterplanners for three residential redevelopment schemes in Merton, south-west London
Projects include the low-rise High Path Estate in South Wimbledon, Morden’s 1950s Ravensbury Estate and the 6.8 hectare Eastfields Estate in Mitcham.
Circle Housing Group is calling for masterplanners to come forward with ‘strong and positive visions’ for the three locations.
Teams may submit for all three estates, totalling more than 600 dwellings, but the three locations will be contracted in seperate lots.
The projects include associated infrastructure works and the design or refurbishment of green spaces.
The deadline for tenders is 4pm on 14 October.”

No thanks to Circle for keeping their residents updated – even their new website says nothing!

Photo’s of Ravensbury Grove

Pictures of Ravensbury Grove from the air


The Ravensbury Grove Blog

Welcome to the website for the residents of Ravensbury Grove.

Ravensbury Grove in Mitcham, Surrey, has recently faced the prospect of “regeneration” in the form of demolition of existing properties. Many people are long term residents in this area, so this has come as quite a shock. Ravensbury Grove has always benefited from its proportioned layout and a healthy density of properties. Many of the proposals seem to be the opposite of this.

Summer 2013 saw the first leaflet dropped through the doors of those living in the grove, and a series of events by Merton Priory Homes. These events sometimes beggared belief. So this website is here to voice the concerns of the people that live here. A local resource for local people.