Ravensbury Lane proposed flats with pictures:

Here’s the pictures from the Ravensbury Lane exhibition this afternoon. HTA architects have come up with this design. The client instructed them because they have experience with the Ravensbury proposals as part of Merton regen.

Our comments are that the building will impact on the park extensively due to its height and length. It would be better if the facade was broken up vertically and horizontally. Right now it’s just one big box with little to endear itself to the very sensitive surroundings of the park and Wandle Valley. The architect described one of its positives as blocking the view of the building beyond.

It’s a shame that HTA haven’t employed the design principles that have already been asked for in the Ravensbury regen phase 1. This shows a lack of appetite for including residents comments. It’s a pity they’ve been instructed at all perhaps.

The client seemed open to addressing the loss of the historic Ravensbury Lane wall, stolen during the initial build of the surgery. You can search on the Merton Council website for details of this.

Ideally this land would be utilised for its originally intended use: a nursery for young children. GPL developers have said that they haven’t been able to find anyone to run one though, so are unable to pursue this line of redevelopment. 

The land was all public land originally, owned by the council because it was part and parcel of Ravensbury Park. It was sold to a private company in order to build the surgery and the nursery. Releasing public land in this way surely needs more control if the eventual result is a block of flats instead of the nursery?!



2 thoughts on “Ravensbury Lane proposed flats with pictures:”

  1. Chris,

    This site was not sold but leased to the private developer. The lease is for 125 years and commenced around 2007.


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