Last night’s meeting with Paul Quinn

We had an interesting meeting last night with Paul Quinn, director of regeneration for Circle Housing. The meeting was mainly a focus group for freeholders and leaseholders in Ravensbury.

Amongst several interesting revelations, Paul Quinn openly admitted that there are indeed SEVERAL draft layouts for the masterplan already in existence, contradicting his earlier statements that NO layouts were in existence. However, only one version will be shown to residents in October for them to comment upon! Not making the various options public would suggest that the residents will not get to alter the masterplan to any great extent. This also indicates the level of information that Circle is willing to reveal to residents during this consultation process and how little they value residents engagement.

Paul Quinn has actually contradicted his repeated statements whereby he said that NO masterplan was in existence. This has been his repeated mantra ever since he originally took up the role of director of regeneration.

Much of what Quinn said focused on the financial model of the regeneration without seemingly having any consideration of the value of the community.

Quinn went onto admit that the Ravensbury regeneration will consist of 100 social housing homes versus, what we believe to be, 200 privately sold homes. He said that there will NOT be any more social housing than there is now!

If this is not a gentrification process, wiping out the homes of a strong working class community, what is?

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